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Former student in Software Engineering with a minor in Cybersecurity.

Some kind of security engineer.

Haplessly fascinated by unix and the developments thereabout.

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rodri : henesy is a highly evolved virus that injects glenda genome into the
host's cells by means of `a conversation'.  seconds after initial
infection, the cell replicates itself and infects others until it
reaches the brain, where it takes over linux neural paths and
repurposes them to plan 9.  after several days, if the latter part is
successful the host will feel extreme anger against everything linux,
and after violent philosophical struggle as to why the software world
is so shitty, they'll either commit suicide or join the grid.  a small
population would reject the virus, they are informally referred to as
The Cured, and they want nothing to do with computers.
taw :  henesy; 9FPD, missing source division.