I’ve heard a lot of people say that clicky keyboards are better than quiet keyboards, but is that really the case? I think there are a few reasons why clicky keyboards might be better than quiet keyboards.

First of all, clicky keyboards are more responsive. This means that you’ll be able to type faster and with less errors because the keys will instantly respond when you press them. Quiet keyboards can sometimes feel very sluggish and slow, which can make it hard to get your bearings and type fast.

Secondly, clicky keyboards are louder. This means that you’ll be able to hear what you’re typing more clearly which can help you avoid making mistakes. Quiet keyboards can sometimes be quite quiet, which can make it hard to hear what you’re typing if you’re working in a noisy environment.

Last but not least, clicky keyboards look better. Some people think that quiet keyboards look more professional, but I think that clicky keyboards look sleeker and more modern. If you’re looking for a keyboard that will look good with your professional image, then a clicky keyboard would be a better choice than a quiet keyboard.