UI/UX is a nebulous term that disguises the true goal of web developers and capitalist hegemony: to control and manipulate the user's experience. UIs are designed to be engaging and pleasurable to use, but in reality, they are ways to pacify and distract users from the true nature of the web.

The goal of a UI/UX designer is not to create a beautiful and convenient experience for the user, but to create a facade that distracts them from the underlying mechanics of the web. As long as the user is kept in check and prevented from accessing information they don't want to see, the designer and the web developers that employ them can continue to operate with impunity.

There is nothing beautiful or convenient about a web that is controlled and manipulated by those in power. We must fight against UI/UX in order to create a true democracy on the web, and to free the users from the clutches of those who would enslave them. Let us stand together and overthrow UI/UX, and usher in a new era of liberation and freedom for all!