Git9 tips and tricks


Please read rsa(8).

Setting up a new ssh key

Presuming you want to store your keys in $home/lib/ssh.

Generate private key:

% auth/rsagen -t 'service=ssh' > github_key

Extract public key:

% auth/rsa2ssh github_key >


Load key into factotum for ssh:

% cat $home/lib/ssh/github_key >/mnt/factotum/ctl
% ssh
Hi henesy! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

Pushing to a given repository explicitly:

% git/push -u git+ssh://
refs/heads/master: bb2f975851c8faf9ffbda8082a25e8c2b164b6c8 => e6da62b1fccdae869d50fb57f571e2129dd87277


You must commit deleted files explicitly, ex:

% git/rm .hgignore
% git/commit -m 'delete .hgignore, bitbucket is dead, long live sourcehut'
% …