Default Ports on Plan 9

Ports to forward for drawterm are: 567, 17019, 17020

The table below is populated from the /sys/lib/dist/ndb/common file.

The following is a table of default ports used in 9front (and probably 9legacy):

protocol port
9p 564
auth 567
rcpu 17019
fs trampoline 17020

in inferno:

protocol port
inferno virgil 2202
styx 6666
rstyx 6668
db 6669
web 6670
signing 6671
csigning 6672
login svc 6673
registry 6660
cpupool registry 6676

Misc. Networking

The /net/ndb file is only populated when DHCP is being used [citation needed].

You can always refer to the /net/ipselftab file to find your current IP [citation needed].