Booting 9front from Grub 2

menuentry "9front" --class os {
	multiboot /9pc64
	module /plan9.ini

EFI (thanks mischief)

menuentry "9front" --class os {
		insmod part_gpt
		insmod search_fs_uuid
		insmod chain
		search --no-floppy --set=root --fs-uuid 1DA5-9F85
		chainloader ($root)/boot9frontx64.efi

mischief: (where the UUID is the UUID of the esp, or whatever partition has bootx64.efi)

mischief: should probably put it in a subdir to make a good convention like ($root)/EFI/9front/bootx64.efi or whatever, but the 9front loader looks for plan9.ini in / so maybe its moot